Lujo is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. His songs are political poems set to a rock/pop mixture featuring piano and groove-oriented drums.

In the past, he has played pipe organ professionally and has recorded guitar, bass, accordion, and more in his songs. His influences span Broadway, funk, rock, pop, latin jazz, folk, hip hop, classical, and more.

Born and raised in Annapolis, MD followed by stints in the CA Bay Area, Austin TX, and Connecticut. His day job is in renewable energy finance.

Memorable moments:

  • Playing in a concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s percussion section

  • Performing with a steelpan band during Rose Bowl festivities

  • Three-stop cross-country tour of pipe organ recitals

  • Playing 8 shows in 7 days in Austin on the outskirts of SXSW

  • Winning multiple "Best Drummer" awards

  • Playing a Russian song on a Chinese instrument for Mongolian businessmen

  • Mother's Day music videos