Lujo is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Maryland. His music is a rhythmic version of rock music, driven by his experience as a drummer and keyboardist. The songs are thoughtful explorations of moments like crawling around in the woods as a kid, up to adult struggles with finding our way in the world. Lujo combines a philosophy that all styles of music are meaningful with a hunger to explore and create new musical ideas.

A pianist the longest. A drummer the most often in bands. A pipe organist for the challenge. A recording artist for the archives. Bells and whistles to add spice. Influences span genres: funk, rock, pop, latin jazz, folk, hip hop, classical, broadway musicals, and more.

Born and raised in Annapolis, MD. College in California. Musical incubation in Austin, TX. Current location in Connecticut, pursuing a joint masters degree in business and the environment.

Career highlights:

  • Performing at the Meyerhoff with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Performing with a steelpan band during Rose Bowl festivities
  • Cross-country tour of pipe organ recitals
  • Playing 8 shows in 7 days in Austin during SXSW
  • Winning multiple "Best Drummer" awards
  • Playing a Russian song on a Chinese instrument for Mongolian businessmen
  • Adorable mother's day videos